Greetings! I’m Gina Marie, a Philadelphia-based artist/writer.

Through the use of photography and mixed media, my artwork attempts to capture the essence of place, object, and individual. Everyday life transforms into a living canvas, wherein commonplace occurrences mix with memories, dreams, and symbols.

My writing generally falls into the genres of poetry, fiction, and memoir. I draw on equal parts imagination and life experience, relishing in that electrifying moment when the words flow freely and I am able to capture them, hunter-like, on paper (or laptop computer). Below, I’ve listed a few places where my work has been published recently. These are in no particular order:

Apiary, CALYX Journal, Tiferet Journal, Fringe Magazine, The Blue Hour Magazine, The Buddhist Poetry ReviewThe GW Review, Third WednesdayThe Responder, Every Day Poets, Pirene’s Fountain, The Barefoot Reviewand Grid Magazine.

I’m currently in the process of revamping this site — stay tuned for updates. In the mean time, find me on Twitter @ginamarielazar or e-mail: info [at] virtuallygina [dot] com .

Thanks for stopping by!