Shop of Horrors

Running from the reaper

will not do any good.

Welcome, then, this grim gentleman

to your heart and neighborhood.

Not so you would die,

but so you’d be reborn.

With the reaper around,

wisdom is formed.

Death takes us all:

at some point, we fall.

With death at the door,

and darkness, abhorred,

the various terrors and demons of night . . .

Keep pushing, dear children,

move towards the light.

Live life till its end,

with death as your friend.

Grim reaper abhorred,

will not be ignored.

p.s. The painting featured above the words “Not so you would die” is Paul Delaroche’s La Jeune Martyre, which can be found in the Louvre Museum in Paris.


  1. Wow Gina, you are such a talented artist, seriously. I loved this post so much, it deeply moved me….I have always been into depressing stuff though too. Haha, this post definitely had a dark tinge to it, which is totally appropriate given the date you posted this. 🙂 Keep doing what ya do, you do it so well!

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