Modern-Day Time Capsule

Recently, I received access to the data files from an old flip phone on which I had stored several low-res photos. Viewing the newly-rediscovered images was akin to unearthing my own personal time capsule, placed unwittingly in the bowels of this technological dinosaur (otherwise known as a Samsung SGH A157) by a slightly-younger me only to be discovered several years down the line.

I share a few of these newly discovered images with you, dear reader.

This was a mural on the side of a then-vacant building which I used to walk past on a regular basis while living in Minneapolis. Nowadays, the building serves as a Lund’s (i.e., regional grocery store).

I was obsessed with vanity plates for a number of years. I encountered this particular vanity plate on a bright red sedan whose owner lived in my neighborhood. I think it’s so clever.

While we’re on the topic of soulmates, here is a photo of my late feline companion, Kier, who loved to frolic in and around the sheets on any freshly-made bed.

For my 30th birthday, one of my best friends gave me a delightful coin purse with two owls emblazoned on the front. Although the coinpurse is long gone (having been accidentally dropped during a 2010 visit to Colorado) its image remained, thanks to my “time capsule.”

My beloved sister and mother, seated in the tranquil garden of the San Francisco AIDS Memorial during a family vacation to California three years ago.

Self-portrait, 2010.

This was my favorite work of art in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. A seated Buddha on a lotus flower, this massive wooden sculpture towered over most visitors to the museum.

In stark contrast to the Buddha sculpture, here is a close-up of the backside of an American Dollar. I don’t remember the story behind this particular image–perhaps there is none.

I’ll sign off with this . . .


  1. How fun! An unknowing time capsule, I love it! I can’t believe that San Fran trip was 3 years ago now, nuts! Gishy Kier….awwwww, Huggy likes to do the same thing w/freshly made beds. 🙂 Love all the pictures, all so unique….

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