Images from an Unforgettable Summer

Cape Cod 062
Cape Cod Art Gallery

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Guanyin, Boddhisattva of Compassion

Landscaping at Alden Park Apartments

June 2013
Indian Beach (Oregon) 

Shout out to all . . .
Healing Collage

August 2013 162
Cecil B. Moore Ave in Philadelphia

All images © 2013 by Gina Marie.

6 responses to “Images from an Unforgettable Summer”

  1. i’d love to see the rest of the ‘those who seek healing’ picture — what did the entire thing say?

    1. Thanks for dropping by to leave a comment. This collage was based on two images captured in the Memorial Garden outside of George Washington University Medical School in DC. The original text reads: “JOY OF HEALING THOSE WHO SEEK MY HELP.”

  2. Loving it! I love your new back round pic for your blog….was that a bird flying at Cannon Beach? 🙂

    1. Thanks, Ilona! That seagull image was captured in Croatia back in 2012. (I take a lot of bird pics — haha.)

  3. I really love all of these photos, Gina – but my fav is the lovely beach shot from Oregon. What fabulous timing on that view of the sun!! It’s definitely another place on the “short list” where we’d love to visit. Lovely post, as always!

  4. Thanks, Patricia. Indian Beach was amazing. I hope you can get there for a visit someday; not pictured but definitely noteworthy is a nearby hiking trail whose difficult upward trek is well-worth the effort. The view of the surrounding ocean took my breath away. Even my D-SLR couldn’t do it justice.

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