The Perfection of a Single, Falling Leaf

The Wissahickon Valley in Philadelphia’s northwest corridor has inspired creatives for centuries. Following are a few gifts–in the form of words and images–bestowed to me by the wild and wonderful Wissahickon.

Contemplate the perfection of a single falling leaf:
unannounced, unassuming
like a simple, solitary sage who’s reached his expiration.
The time comes to let go,
to free fall–spin round and round–
drawing circles from sky to ground,
landing atop carpets of brown, orange, magenta.
Time’s passage weathers one to a dry, crunchy thing,
crumbles to dust, soil
nourishment for future generations.

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5 responses to “The Perfection of a Single, Falling Leaf”

  1. Thank you. It was indeed a gift. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the sweet comment, gentlestitches! I’ve sure enjoyed seeing your latest work updates, as well. So much creativity here on WordPress . . . no wonder I keep coming back. 🙂

  3. Gina, yet another spectacular photo essay about our lovely region! That photo of the cyclist against the matrix of the bridge is so vibrant and so interesting to me. Every time I’ve ever explored this area of the city – I’m always captivated by how many cyclists it attracts! Really gorgeous photos.

  4. Thank you, Patricia! The image of the bicyclist is one of my favorites, as well. As an aside, I recently came across a fascinating CityPaper article about legendary figures of the Wissahickon. Fodder for a future post, perhaps:

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