1. Hi Julie, thanks for dropping by to leave a comment. I checked out your site–you’ve posted some really lovely photos! I look forward to seeing future posts.

    Best wishes,

  2. Beautiful photo, Gina! Again I find you and I are on the same “Seattle wavelength” this week. I just shared via social media a funny yet accurate tale about Seattle-ites through the eyes of a friend who lives there. Did you travel to WA state recently? It seems like a fabulous place to visit – I hope to go sometime soon too!

  3. Hi Patricia! Isn’t that funny? I thought about that, too, how we were both drawn to Seattle themes independently of one another this week. There must be some truth to the saying: “Great minds think alike.” 😉

    To answer your question, I was in the Pacific Northwest a few months ago (in June). My trip was far too brief; I’d love to go back again soon.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Brian!

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