Seattle Architecture

The twin towers of the Westin Seattle are 47 and 40 stories high, respectively, and were constructed between 1969 and 1982.

Fun fact: The towers were featured on the cover of the Modest Mouse album, The Lonesome Crowded West.
Westin Seattle Westin Seattle, (2013)


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  1. I’m dying to go to Seattle! I liked this informative blog post! Really interesting!
    Please check out my blog and let’s follow each other!

  2. Hi Julie, thanks for dropping by to leave a comment. I checked out your site–you’ve posted some really lovely photos! I look forward to seeing future posts.

    Best wishes,

  3. Hummm… reminds me of something in relation to our good friend George, lol. Beautiful pic’s dear. You have the eye!

  4. Ha! I didn’t see it until you mentioned it. Funny!

    And, as always, thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  5. Beautiful photo, Gina! Again I find you and I are on the same “Seattle wavelength” this week. I just shared via social media a funny yet accurate tale about Seattle-ites through the eyes of a friend who lives there. Did you travel to WA state recently? It seems like a fabulous place to visit – I hope to go sometime soon too!

  6. Hi Patricia! Isn’t that funny? I thought about that, too, how we were both drawn to Seattle themes independently of one another this week. There must be some truth to the saying: “Great minds think alike.” 😉

    To answer your question, I was in the Pacific Northwest a few months ago (in June). My trip was far too brief; I’d love to go back again soon.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Brian!

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