Lourdes, Lourdes

Mater Dolorosa, Lady Madonna, the Blessed Virgin, Our Lady of Lourdes.

Call her what you will; I think she’s swell and I’m not even Catholic. To me, Mary represents the feminine face of the Great Mystery, or what is called in Hebrew Shekhinah.

She appears in the strangest of places. Sometimes she’s campy, other times she’s tacky, and still other times she’s downright sublime. Mary is a part of the collective unconscious, and it looks as though she’s here to stay . . . with open arms! What’s not to love?

East Falls Mary (2013)

D.C. Mary (2013)

Christmas Collage (2008)

Friday Collage (2010)

St. Louis Cemetery No. 3, New Orleans (2011)

Smith Museum of Stained Glass, Chicago (2010)

Lafayette Cemetery, New Orleans (2011)

Painting in the Louvre Museum, Paris (2008)

Society Hill Mary, Philadelphia (2012)

Window in Minneapolis (2009)

Ave Maria Above a Doorway, Bruges (2008)

Car decal in a Minneapolis parking garage (2011)

A grotto in Collegeville, Minnesota (2009)

Lady Madonna Drawing (2005)

St. Louis Cemetery No. 3, New Orleans (2011)

Luggage Tag (2009)

Grotto in Manayunk, Pennsylvania (2012)

Front yard in Germantown, Pennsylvania (2012)

Spring Garden St, Philadelphia (2012)

Mother Mary figurine in front of St. Bridget’s Catholic Church in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia (2011)


  1. Thanks. I’ve been recycling old posts lately — this is one “oldie but goodie.” However, the top two photos are new additions, both captured within the past year.

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