Just One Tiny Bite

Summertime 2006. I was with my friend Dylan, who suggested that we go out for ice cream.

“I’m trying to lose weight,” I reminded him. “Ice cream is strictly on the ‘forbidden foods’ list.”

“So just come keep me company,” he suggested.

I shrugged and followed him to the car, taking my usual spot in the passenger seat as he drove the approximately three miles to the nearest Dairy Queen. At the drive through window, he ordered one large Heath Bar Crunch flavored Blizzard, which I couldn’t help but eye. It looked cool, refreshing, and — being that it was forbidden — incredibly alluring.

“Can you hold this till we get home?” he asked.

“Sure thing.”

As I held it, I couldn’t help but observe how the ice cream seemed to glisten under the last few rays of evening sunlight. I salivated thinking what a bite might taste like.

Surely one little bite couldn’t hurt, I decided.

“Mind if I try a spoonful?” I asked Dylan. “Out of curiosity, I mean.”

Dylan grunted, which — for him — translated as “yes.”

I had one bite, but that wasn’t enough, so I had a second. My tongue tingled with an almost electric energy from the sweetness. I must have gone into sugar blackout mode at that point because the next thing I knew, we were in Dylan’s driveway and I was left clutching a nearly empty cup in my hand where the ice cream had once been.

“Can I have my blizzard back?” Dylan asked. I sheepishly handed over what was left, which amounted to a measly few bites.

Dylan looked down at the cup and his eyes bulged. “Wha–“” he started. “I thought you were just going to have a bite!”

“Sorry,” I said, averting my eyes from his gaze and giving him a half-smile.

He grumbled and turned the ignition, maneuvering the car out of the driveway and back in the direction of Dairy Queen for yet another trip.

Photo found at: funny-pictures.picphotos.net
Photo found at: funny-pictures.picphotos.net


6 responses to “Just One Tiny Bite”

  1. Hahaha, that’s hilarious Gina. That reminds me of yesterday, I was having pizza/movie night with friends and as we were waiting for the pizza to heat up in the oven my friend opened a bag of potato chips, I was sooooo hungry and thought “I’ll just have a few chips to stave my hunger.” It became a compulsive thing though, I had that electric feel that you mentioned on my tongue and I just wanted to keep feeling that sensation. I had half a bag of potato chips on top of the pizza. Ugghhhhhh, that would explain my greasy face today :/

    1. It seems a very human thing to do – haha.

  2. Please tell me you are not one to shy away from ice cream now? I just bought a gallon of moose tracks and a tub of neopolitan…we do have kids…and a birthday girl tomorrow (not me, but I will indulge too). Have you found the new java one yet?
    Weird how all our conversations are about ice cream lately? hmmm

    1. Hi Angie! You crack me up. And you’re right: ice cream seems to be the common thread running through our correspondence lately. I haven’t sworn it off yet, and I also haven’t tried the latest java themed ice cream you’d mentioned. What is the name of it again?

      Happy birthday to your daughter. Que viva ice cream! In moderation, of course.

  3. Gina, this story is something I know all too well in my own life! My husband likes to order pizza and though we are to split it, he always connives a way to get an extra piece (away from my rightful portion!!) Just this past week, I placed my leftover pizza slices into the fridge, thinking I’d have a yummy pizza lunch the following day – only to find a ‘midnight craver’ ate my entire pizza lunch without asking me. LOL! Same idea here! A really hilarious story you’ve shared, and I do think we’ve all been in this situation, on both sides of the ‘blizzard’! 😉

  4. What a great anecdote, Patricia! Thanks for sharing, and for your feedback. I kept retelling this story to friends over the years and finally decided to just bite the bullet and write it down.
    p.s. My condolences to your pizza lunch. 😉

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