A Day At The Beach

The Place: Ocean City, Maryland
The Time: Early September 2014

September 8 200
September 8 160
September 8 206
September 8 202
September 8 272
September 8 274

4 responses to “A Day At The Beach”

  1. Maryland’s sand runs seamlessly to the sky! Beautiful

    1. I really loved it! Nice to hear from you, Mrs. Inspired.

  2. So many fond memories of visiting here as a teen w/ my parents. You really seem to capture the gorgeous-ness of the ocean and the sand, especially! I will have to remember to re-visit this post during the approaching Philly winter!! Lovely work, as usual, Gina.

    1. Thanks for your visit and comment, Patricia. Although I’d visited Ocean City, New Jersey, this was my first visit to the Maryland version. It was a perfect example of an East Coast beach town, replete with a charming boardwalk. I have to admit that my favorite part was its proximity to Assateague National Seashore, the island ten miles south where wild horses roam. I will most assuredly return!

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