Buried Treasure

The new year brings with it an opportunity to declutter one’s life and see things with brand new eyes. Beneath all the clutter, I sometimes find buried treasure — old artwork, journal entries, poetry, and photos that meant a lot to me on this journey to adulthood.

The work featured below is a mixed media piece called “Two Men Walking Towards the Light.”

In order to create symmetry in this piece, I digitally mirrored an original photo of a man walking through an archway beneath Philadelphia’s City Hall. It was a lucky shot I took during a visit to Center City during late winter of 2013. The original and mirrored versions are featured below.

March 2012 067

Jeff x 2

After printing and framing the latter image via Society 6, I layered Egyptian-themed clippings onto the picture frame itself, creating a golden-hued triangle seen in the bottom third of the framed image below. Keep scrolling to view the clippings up close.

Lazar_Gina_Marie_TwoMenWalking (1)

Lazar_Gina_Marie_TwoMenWalking (1)

This artwork was featured at Philadelphia’s InLiquid Gallery twice: the first time for a Members’ Exhibition in July 2013 and the second time at a benefit show during February 2014. I also paired the image (sans clippings) with a line of poetry in one of my March 2013 blog posts. It’s an image I hold dear to my heart.

I plan to keep on decluttering to find out what else I can unearth. Such fun!

4 responses to “Buried Treasure”

  1. Always really liked this piece, Gina! And I’m so happy that I was able to see it at the InLiquid show and meet you in-person!

    I hope you, Jeff and the furkids are making out ok in “Snowstorm Jonas”. ❄️

    1. Thank you! I was so glad you were able to come out that day! It was beyond fabulous to meet you and Brian in person.

      Jeff and I have seen plenty of blizzards in our day, so Jonas was tolerable. Hope you and Brian weathered through it safely and snugly, as well.

  2. Sweet pic G!