Hello! My name is Gina, and I am an American renaissance woman . . . that may also be a euphemism for “underemployed.”😉 My current interests include yoga, self-improvement, writing, and iPhoneography.

I created this blog in 2007 and it has gone through many incarnations since then. What started as a blog about heartbreak and writing morphed into one about photography, eventually morphing into what is now a mish-mash of whatever happens to be going on in my life. Sometimes I take long breaks from the site. Also, I’m admittedly not very good at the whole “like for like, follow for follow,” concept (it feels too contrived), and for that reason, the blog sometimes feels like a ghost town. Regardless, this is my little corner of the webby world where I can post what feels right — and I do! However you may have stumbled across this page, I’m sure glad you did. There are no coincidences.

Best wishes to you!

DSC_0673.JPGSelf-Portrait, October 2013