“It almost doesn’t matter what you paint. It is what takes place during the act of painting that matters.

It doesn’t matter what style or technique you use. It is the artistic result and personal development that counts.

The act of painting is a spiritual covenant between the maker and the higher powers. The intent of the artist flows through the work of art, no matter what the technique or style.”

-Audrey Flack, p. 9 of Art & Soul (New York: E.P. Dutton Press, 1986)

Think Spring, (2016)

Minnesota Dreamin’, (2012)

I Am, (2012)

Landscape, (2012)

Cat! (2012)

By the Light of the Banana Moon, (2012)

Princess Layne, (2012)

Lady Madonna and Child, (2012)

The Patron Saint of Puppies and Babies, (2012)

All Gold and Rainbows, (2012)

Santa’s Gift, (2011)

Little Boy Chasing Pigeon, (2001)