Philadelphia Photo Journal, Part Un

I recently found myself in Philadelphia, although I’m still not entirely sure how it happened. Luckily, I remembered to pack a camera. Here are a few images I’ve captured so far . . .

Oh, thank God they still drink espresso in this part of the country.

The bridges of Philadelphia County.

Errr . . . wasn’t that a Lenny Kravitz song?

Kitties is cool and all that, but I like the real big cats.

Mural near Spring Garden Street.

Skyline over a river whose name I’m not even going to attempt to spell until I’ve been here at least 3 weeks.

It’s entirely possible that Jim Morrison is one of my spirit guides (if you believe in that sort of thing). He and an unknown black dog are here with me in Pennsylvania. Awesome.

I’m an underground sort of girl, perhaps in a Lord of the Rings sort of way.

They call this part of town “Old City.” I believe all the creativity may have gone into the name.

Sculpture in Philadelphia’s own Drexel University. Their mascot is (would you believe it?) a dragon.

Fun fact: there is more public art in the city of Philadelphia than anywhere else in the nation.

Awwwww . . . I love love.

There are many more pictures to upload, but we haven’t hooked up internet yet, so I’m posting via the public library’s wi-fi. It is rather cold in here, plus I have to pee. More later!

4 responses to “Philadelphia Photo Journal, Part Un”

  1. Wow, great pics! I really enjoyed these! It is great that you moved to such a creative city. Haha, I liked your funny comments too……

    1. Thanks, Ilona! Soooooooo great to see you at the Kier-ceremony. Thanks again for those pictures; amazingly thoughtful of you. xoxo

  2. Esther Callahan Avatar
    Esther Callahan

    Gina…I love these!! You always take great pics and your comments make them even better. Keep ’em coming!

    And…my new mission…to make Minnesota the number one place for public art 🙂 GAME ON!

    Miss ya already….Esther

  3. Thanks, Esther!

    That’s a lofty goal you’ve set for yourself. However, if anyone would be able to pull that one off, I believe it would be you. 😉

    Miss ya, too!

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