Princeton, etc.

Yesterday, Jeff and I took a mini road trip to the Princeton University campus — about an hour’s drive from Philadelphia. I was delighted by the chic boutiques that lined Nassau St, Princeton’s main thoroughfare. I stopped into one of them, only to fall immediately in love with a pair of multi-colored galoshes. I tried them on and walked around the store, admiring the galoshes in a full-length mirror.

“When I put these on, I feel the same way Joseph must have felt when he wore his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

“Somewhere,” Jeff replied, “A gay man is smiling.”

I purchased the galoshes and now I’m smiling, too.

The Princeton campus is an easy day-trip from Philadelphia. And, although the word “idyllic” isn’t the first to come to mind when most people think of New Jersey, it is a fitting description for the Princeton campus. With its flowering rosebushes, ivy-covered landscapes, and spectacular architecture, Princeton offers plenty of fodder for the aesthetically-inclined . . .

4 responses to “Princeton, etc.”

  1. what a beautiful campus!! some of the buildings are very harry potter-esq.

  2. Harry Potter-esque is a good description for it. Walking around, you definitely get a sense of how old the campus is.

  3. Hahahahahahaha, Jeff is hilarious. Beautiful pics!

  4. Yes, he cracks me up.

    Thanks for the compliment about the pics.

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