The Pure Joy of Doghood, continued

When my husband Jeff first adopted Baby Girl, he was living in Panama City Beach, Florida. He had a beach-front apartment and would walk her along the shore at least once a week. When Jeff and I married, he moved away from Florida with the pupster in tow.

Our family now lives nearly two hours from the nearest beach, so — as you can see from this video, taken during a recent trip to Maine — Baby Girl was more than happy to return to her roots.


  1. Gina Marie

    She’s precious. I was a little hesitant to let her off-leash, because I thought she might try to go swimming but nope . . . she’s too smart for that. (The water was downright freezing!)

  2. Gina Marie

    Why, thank you. She has an awesome auntie, as well, whom she was THRILLED to meet on Thursday. (It was so great to see you!) ❤

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