The Pure Joy of Doghood, continued

When my husband Jeff first adopted Baby Girl, he was living in Panama City Beach, Florida. He had a beach-front apartment and would walk her along the shore at least once a week. When Jeff and I married, he moved away from Florida with the pupster in tow.

Our family now lives nearly two hours from the nearest beach, so — as you can see from this video, taken during a recent trip to Maine — Baby Girl was more than happy to return to her roots.

4 responses to “The Pure Joy of Doghood, continued”

  1. Oh wow. Happy dog? I’d say that doggie looks overjoyed! Cute!

  2. She’s precious. I was a little hesitant to let her off-leash, because I thought she might try to go swimming but nope . . . she’s too smart for that. (The water was downright freezing!)

  3. Baby Girl is a very lucky dog and has a great Mommy!!!

  4. Why, thank you. She has an awesome auntie, as well, whom she was THRILLED to meet on Thursday. (It was so great to see you!) ❤

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