Christmas in Mt. Airy

Mt. Airy is a neighborhood situated in the northwestern corner of Philadelphia, between Germantown and Chestnut Hill. Considered by many civil rights groups to be one of the most successfully integrated neighborhoods in America, it was even featured in Oprah Winfrey’s O magazine for its diversity and neighborhood appeal. Because many of Mt. Airy’s residents hold advanced degrees, it is sometimes known as a “Ph.D. ghetto.”

With a Lutheran Theological Seminary, Hare Krishna Community Center, and a significant Jewish population in its midst, one might argue that Mt. Airy is not only well-blended racially, but also religiously.

The following photos are the product of a few minutes’ stroll along Germantown Avenue, one of Mt. Airy’s main arteries.

Sign reads: “On this spot at dawn on the fourth day of October, Seventeen Hundred Seventy-Seven, the American troops under General Washington attacked the British Pickets, thus beginning the Battle of Germantown.”

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