A Little New York Love

Visits to New York are like fingerprints: no two are ever alike.

Here are some images from my most recent trip to the greatest American city (and, some would argue, the greatest city on earth). You decide.

Painting with light from the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was Passover during our visit, and many people were dressed for the Sabbath. (I’m not fluent in Hebrew, so if anyone could translate this for me, that would be awesome.)

Cool artwork in the Bowling Green subway station.

“Art for Eternity” on the Upper East Side.

Some chalky love outside a bright red door on 81st Street.

Paintings inside a gallery on the Upper East Side.

A highly-processed image captured on the Brooklyn Bridge. (Time to invest in a tripod, I suppose.)

Heavenly light pouring from the sky over the Jackie Onassis Reservoir in Central Park.

The Jackie Onassis Reservoir in mid-afternoon.

Tulips along Fifth Avenue, right outside of Central Park.

Street art in Brooklyn.

A church on 81st Street.

A fire hydrant in a Hungarian section of New York.

Taxicabs lined up outside a theater in Times Square.

A heart-like shape in the cloud formations above Manhattan. Can you feel the New York love?

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