Roaming the Streets of Rovinj, Croatia

Between May and September, tourists flock to the Istrian Peninsula to witness firsthand the charming seaside villa of Rovinj (population: 13,500).

A little trivia for the history buffs out there: Rovinj’s population had an Italian majority until the Paris Peace Treaty of 1947, at which point the region became part of Yugoslavia. After the switch, many of the city’s former residents fled to Italy.

Over 60 years later, the majority of the population identifies as Croatian. However, the ambience of Rovinj still feels distinctly Mediterranean in spite of the city’s location along the Northern Adriatic Coast.

2 responses to “Roaming the Streets of Rovinj, Croatia”

  1. jumpingpolarbear Avatar

    Was there 2 summers ago. Amazing!

  2. Yes, Croatia is phenomenal. I had no idea!

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