Caffeine-Induced Slumber

Such large quantities of caffeine coursed through the woman’s bloodstream that her face turned peaked. Little fireworks sprayed her neural pathways and her heart sped up, pounding out a steady pa-pum pa-pum pa-pum. Her breath quickened and she had to put her head between her knees to keep the world from spinning.

She shouldn’t have slept. The tiny teacup containing an exotic, concentrated brew should have been enough to keep her awake for days. Strangely, though, it seemed to have the opposite effect, and she slept easily, her neural pathways still singing like live electrical wires snapped and curled on the ground in spirals after a particularly nasty thunderstorm.

Her caffeine-induced dreams were sweet and dark, like the coffee she’d ingested only hours prior, the Vietnamese brew whose ingredients still faltered through her bloodstream. As she slept, her heart continued to pound out its steady rhythm: pa-pum, pa-pum, pa-pum.
Greek Coffee

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