One Week Ago Today

Sunday morning, 6 a.m. Streetlamps still flooded Lexington Avenue, and the first hint of light was barely detectable in the skies overhead.

In search of an elusive breakfast joint, I settled for a medium coffee from a national chain known for their remarkably strong brews. My husband, Jeff, was trying to hold out until we could find the restaurant.

With the styrofoam cup nestled snugly in the crook of my palm, and my Nikon D-SLR swinging from the strap around my shoulder, Jeff and I started South along Lexington Avenue. The streets were nearly empty so early on a Sunday morning, leading my gaze to the monolithic buildings lining either side of the seemingly endless avenue.

“Would you mind holding my coffee for a second?” I asked.

“Sure,” he grumbled, taking the sytrofoam cup from me. I thanked him with a wordless smile, carefully lifting the camera’s viewfinder to my eye-level and snapping the shutter once, twice.

Memory captured. Mission accomplished.
Looking South on Lexington Ave at the Doubletree where we stayed
Lexington Avenue, Pre-Dawn, (2013)

2 responses to “One Week Ago Today”

  1. Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee right? I never thought I’d say this, but I miss that chain restaurant…we don’t have them around these parts. Hands down best coffee EVERRRRRRRRR! Cool picture btw, it must have been surreal on such empty streets….

  2. Haha, guilty as charged. So what’s your favorite coffee in Portland? Looking forward to trying it firsthand–whatever it may be–in just a few months. 🙂

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