The Not-So-Barren Desolateness of City Streets

The title of this post is adapted from a 1929 magazine article, “Paint and Powder,” wherein Zelda Fitzgerald writes: “If our women gave up decorating themselves we would have to turn sad eyes on the bleak telegraph wires, the office buildings, like homes of trained fleas, the barren desolateness of city streets at dusk, and realize too late that almost the only beauty in this busy, careless land, whose every acre is littered with the waste of day before yesterday, is the gorgeous, radiant beauty of its girls.”

Although I do love the prose, I must say I disagree with this statement. Visiting some of the more run-down parts of both Camden and Philadelphia, I’ve come to believe that beauty and fecundity are readily apparent even amidst neighborhoods otherwise stricken by poverty and urban blight.

See for yourself . . .




DSC_0419 - Copy

Photos © 2013 by Gina Marie Lazar Lovrencevic. All rights reserved.

7 responses to “The Not-So-Barren Desolateness of City Streets”

  1. Nice Gina, I absolutely love this!

  2. Hi Gina, Thank you for the follow. I love your eye for colors and shapes. Inner cities are much more exciting than the suburbs for this. If you do not mind I will be looking through your site for more of these inspirational photos.

  3. Greetings, Phil! Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.

    I am pleased to have found your blog (the moon photography was particularly striking), and I look forward to reading future posts of yours.

  4. Beautiful, Gina Marie! While I don’t immediately distinguish which neighborhood from which (I should though, considering how long I’ve lived here) – I love all the vibrancy you’ve captured from the different neighborhoods. I love the “Chuckles’ Takeout” one!! The colors in the bike and all the ads – what a fabulous moment to “freeze-frame” and show us.

  5. Hi Patricia! Thanks for stopping by today; I always love to read your feedback. The top and bottom pictures were both taken along Haddon Ave in Camden; the middle pictures were captured on or around Lehigh Ave in North Philly. 🙂 The “Chuckles’ Takeout” is a favorite of mine as well. I found the beer-themed prayer flags to be an oxymoron, of sorts. Plus, it makes me giggle that upon closer inspection of this image, one finds Snoop Doggy in the window (or, at least, a picture of him).

    1. That’s hilarious re: Snoop Dogg! Thanks so much for giving me all the background info. Great post, as usual!

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