A Stroll Along Hyannis Harbor

Known to some as “the Capital of the Cape,” the village of Hyannis, Massachusetts serves as the primary ferry link to the island of Nantucket Island. Steeped in history, the harbor is a stone’s throw from the JFK Hyannis Museum and only two miles from the Kennedy Compound.

A short stroll along the Hyannis Harbor on a a late summer’s afternoon hosts numerous aesthetic delights . Here are but a few . . .

A trawler’s bow reflecting off the water.
Hyannis Harbor

Buoys artfully adorning the path leading to the harbor.
Cape Cod 0652

A few of the artist shanties where local artisans sell their wares.
Cape Cod 076

A fishing boat in port.
Cape Cod 0681

A statue adorning a restaurant along Main Street.
Cape Cod 060

Some very convincing sidewalk art.
Cape Cod 059 (2)

One final photo to conclude this post. (Why stroll when you can fly?)
Cape Cod 149

All images © 2013 by Gina Marie. All rights reserved.

2 responses to “A Stroll Along Hyannis Harbor”

  1. Love the sidewalk art!

  2. Isn’t she great? (The sidewalk fairy, I mean.)

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