The Storm That Barely Was

Certain meteorologists predicted that Winter Storm Juno would be the blizzard of the century, devastating the crowded northeast corridor that runs from Boston to DC. As far as Philadelphia was concerned, Hurricane Juno wound up being more along the lines of “joke of the century.” In spite of all the hullabaloo, Philadelphia and the surrounding areas got just over a  light dusting. Even the ice cream trucks were out!








4 responses to “The Storm That Barely Was”

  1. Nice, well guess there was nothing to worry about after all! God must have used some head-and-shoulders

    1. Katy, nothing to worry about. It was so funny, though, ’cause I totally believed all the hype and even left work early on Monday and cancelled a doctor’s appointment! This seems to have been the case of the meteorologists who cried “wolf.”

  2. Gina, I’m told the Philly side received virtually nothing, but we in Jersey rec’d about 2-4 inches of snow. Not anything to be alarmed about (esp. to a true Minnesota gal;) ) but it was still a nuisance. Once again, I just adore seeing your ‘real-time’ photography of the streets of Chestnut Hill. As much as my hubby and I want to go back to visit there, we have to pass through Old City or No. Liberties first each time – and we always get distracted and end up staying there!! Hehe.

    I’ll bet the folks back at home are laughing hysterically at us Philadelphians – I would be! 🙂

    1. Yeah, I wound up looking at my Bostonian friends’ Facebook feeds the next day and actually feeling jealous to see their mounds of snow! Haha; first time *that’s* ever happened.

      I hear you about getting distracted. I’ve heard Philly described as the “City of Neighborhoods,” and it’s true. There are so many to explore, each with its own flavor.

      Regarding people laughing at us, I think people were mostly just laughing at the newscasters. Jon Stewart made a really great crack at them in a recent skit; had me in stitches:

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