Minneapolis Photo Journal

Three weeks ago, I returned to my hometown of Minneapolis for a family celebration. It was my first time back home since my visit in 2013. This was a short stay, and I had precious little time to take photos just for the sake of taking photos. However, I did manage to capture a few artsy shots which I’d like to share here.


A brunch spot in Uptown.
Mural Art on the West Bank.
Rearview Mirror.
My sister, Ilona, communing with a squirrel.
Foreground: Loring Pond. Background: The Basilica of Saint Mary.
Duck romance in Loring Pond.
A mirror in the Hard Times Cafe.
Stained glass window in a church in South Minneapolis. (I don’t recall the name of the church.)
Strings of lights outside of the French Meadow Cafe on Lyndale.

4 responses to “Minneapolis Photo Journal”

  1. Gorgeous shots, Gina! What strikes me the most is how wonderfully you’ve captured all the gold colors of fall in Minneapolis. Starts with the golden yellow carnations in the first restaurant pic, the gold colors in the wall mural, your sis’ handbag – even the house exterior in the rear view mirror pic! If this was a conscious thing, it makes for quite a beautiful gallery of photos. 🙂 Nicely done.

    1. Oh, thanks for stopping by, Patricia! The “autumn gold” theme wasn’t intentional, but looking back through this little collection, I see what you mean. You have such a keen eye! Hope all is well. p.s. I love seeing your new work posted on various social media outlets. Excellent, as usual! 🙂

  2. So peaceful:).

    1. Thanks, Miss Rose! It was AMAZING to see you and the kids, even though it was all too fleeting. I miss you so much and wish we were closer. ❤

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