I haven’t touched my Nikon since the trip to Maine in April. However, my iPhone camera is with me pretty much all the time. Below are a few recent snaps; some of these were processed using Instagram filters.

The top four photos are from a recent weekend getaway to Baltimore, where I attended an urban meditation retreat in the Charles Village neighborhood. I stayed in a studio rented via Air BNB; the hosts were Bowie fans (hence the record). It made me feel right at home.

Below the Baltimore images are a few bodhisattva images I’ve recently encountered, and other cool files I randomly pulled from my iPhone. I found this old photo, circa January 2002, where I’m pictured with a wax replica of His Purple Majesty — may he rest in peace.

Keep scrolling and you’ll find some other random sh*t I don’t feel like captioning at the moment. All are Gina Marie originals, with the exception of the woman wearing a feather headdress. I think of her as my internet clone, found on a rather unique Instagram page called Mystic Mamma.

Well, that’s all for now. Later, gator!

4 responses to “Amalgamation”

  1. Like the rainbow and yes, that would be your internet clone! Have a great day G!

    1. Thanks, Katy! The rainbow pic was from March. I saw two of them in one week. Luck o’ the Irish! Have an awesome day. See you soon!!!

  2. Fabulous pics as always and lovely narrative, too, Gina. I may be headed to Baltimore myself soon to see the new “Baltimore Jewelry Center” that recently opened. Hope you’re having a nice Sunday. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Patricia. Baltimore was amazing! I want to go back. Ooh, a jewelry center would be right up your alley. Nice!!!

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