Oaxaca, Day 16

The novelty of my trip wore off two days ago. Don’t get me wrong, this city is awesome and I’m happy to be here. Still, I miss certain comforts of home (but let me make it crystal clear that not ONCE has the NYC subway system been one of them). Too, there are things I have grown to appreciate about Oaxaca: the mountains, for example, or the guy who sells tamales from his bicycle and announces his presence by calling out “Tamales! Tamales!” over a loudspeaker. I’m enjoying the slower pace, and the neighborhood Corgi, Duke, who I’ve been told has an owner, else I’d be tempted to tote him home with me by way of California, which is my next stop.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some recent pics from my much-loved iPhone X. I have Nikon pics to upload as well, but . . . mañana.

5 responses to “Oaxaca, Day 16”

  1. Wish I was there with you! Enjoy your time, you’ll be back to the grind soon enough

  2. Beautiful!! Love this post 🙂 . Thanks for sharing!

    1. So sweet. Thanks for viewing!

  3. Lovely!

    1. Thanks, Renee! Much love to you.

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