Cosmic New York

“Think of yourself in a cosmic context,” someone once suggested. It seemed like easier advice to take when I was out and about. In quarantine, sure, I go for daily walks and enjoy the fresh Brooklyn air. (An oxymoron, right? But it actually IS fresh, since carbon emissions have fallen since mid-March.) Meanwhile, I haven’t been across the river to Manhattan in about 5 weeks, although it feels like ages. I miss the window-shopping, the people-watching, the stunning skyscraper views. I understand that this is all temporary and that I’ll do those things again someday. For the moment, I can reminisce about some of the sights I’ve seen and the photos that remain in their wake. I can send good vibes to this fascinating city I have grown to love. It may be at the epicenter of a global pandemic, but it is every bit as cosmic as before. If anything, it just needs an extra bit of TLC right now.


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