Sweet Reminiscence

On a frigid weekend in January, I spent much time indoors reading old journals. It was like reading letters from a a wise, funny, and admittedly moody friend. She doesn’t physically exist in the Here and Now, although she comes alive through the words and images captured on the journal pages from years past. We meet on some non-physical plane, and reading about her experiences, I enjoy our time together. This Other-Me teaches about acceptance, patience, and courage to withstand this time of year, late winter–perennially the most difficult. She reminds me to trust the wisdom of my body, telling me to rest, rather than to give up. These dark, cold days provide the opportunity to slow down; to go inward. Slow your roll, she advises. Spring will come soon enough.


4 responses to “Sweet Reminiscence”

  1. I love that. Rest, don’t give up. That is such a compelling idea!

    1. Right?! If only I had let that little nugget sink in before…ah well, better late than never.

  2. Totally resonates with me too. REST. Follow the natural order of things. Winter is the time of resting and going intward. The saving up, resting up and getting ourselves ready for the renewal of Spring. Light and LOVE to you.

    1. Yes, rest and renewal…going with the flow. Preparing for sweet springtime, one day at a time. Sending light and love to you, too, Tanisha. Thanks for stopping by!

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