Goodbye, ABQ

3 nights in Albuquerque + 4 nights in Santa Fe + 3 nights in Durango = 1 very contented Gina Marie. But alas, it’s over.

I cried when I left Albuquerque, and I’m generally not the crying type. Sure, I may have been on Day 1 of my period and sure, I may have just learned via email that the current NYC landlord intended to increase our rent $600 PER MONTH if we were to re-sign the lease on our Park Slope 2 bedroom for another year . . . but I was also crying because I was legitimately sad that this vacation, my epic Southwestern adventure, was drawing to a close. Goodbye long drives and bright blue skies and mountains in every backdrop. Goodbye, Albuquerque International Sunport, the only airport I’ve ever witnessed to have a dedicated meditation room. Where else on earth am I going to find that? Take me back already!

ABQ was easily the cleanest, most spacious, most welcoming airport I have visited in recent memory.

One response to “Goodbye, ABQ”

  1. Time to move! Get out of NYC and embrace the majestic! Sounds like it is where you belong.

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