Eleven Images

Dancing deva in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Pure sacrilege. The Buddha would never drink Sprite.
Orange Fanta? Maybe.

The inscription above this doorway reads Intrent redeantq foelices. This is Latin for: “Enter and be happy.”

Here is a medieval European painting.

Here is an informational placard about the same medieval European painting.

Here is what I really saw while viewing this particular medieval European painting. (Please note that I’m generally not an ass-girl; it’s simply that this gentleman’s derriere is practically falling off the canvas.)

Foyer in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

This is one of those images that turned out pretty cool, for which (unfortunately) I cannot take the credit. I set
up the shot, and I snapped the shutter on the camera, but the fact that it turned out looking so eerily intriguing was pure luck on my part.

This is a digital collage I made a few years ago.

This is a vanity shot of me brushing my teeth in the kitchen. If I were on Facebook, I would set this as my profile pic because I am strange.

Take that, Springstein’s “Glory Days.”

3 responses to “Eleven Images”

  1. Hahahaha, that ass shot was exactly the first thing I saw in that painting too! Really funny about the Sprite vs. Fanta debate that we have discussed before. People have put up much creepier Facebook posts, I think you look pretttttyy brushing your teeth, awww. 🙂

  2. Jeff said something funny about the painting as well. He said that the dude’s buttocks looked like two ripe pears. LOL.

    Speaking of creepy, I think they should change the name of that one Shins song from “Caring is Creepy” to “Facebook is Creepy.”

  3. LOL, they totally look like two ripe pears. And yeah, FB is creepy….in more ways than one!

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