Thought for the Day

The following excerpt refers to twentieth century American painter John Sloan, who didn’t sell his first painting until he was past 40.

“When a friend asked him why he kept on [painting] in the face of so few sales, he replied, ‘The only reason I am in the profession is because it is fun.'” -p.28, Time-Life Books’ American Painting, 1900-1970

And now, a century later, Sloan’s paintings are exhibited at dozens of museums and galleries nationwide. (Good thing he kept on having fun.)

Image of Sloane in 1891 found on Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Ilona

    There’s hope! I recently read that some of my favorite authors hadn’t gotten published until late 30’s and 40’s. Just a reminder to keep working on passions, just for the fun of it too obviously….

  2. Gina Marie

    If, upon turning 40 I continue to get as many rejection letters as I have gotten lately, I will personally blame John Sloan for giving me false hope. (Hehe.)

  3. Ilona

    At least you’re brave enough to submit! I am so afraid of rejection that I don’t even take that first step, so props to you for taking that initial step!

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