Flowers A-Bloomin’ in Haverford, PA

This afternoon, I took City Line Avenue heading southwest in search of the Marion Botanical Gardens. I missed my turn by about two miles and never made it to the gardens. Rather than cursing myself, I viewed the missed turn as an opportunity to explore a new area. Following my intuition, I saw signs for a place called the “Historic Grange Estate,” and found myself intrigued. The signs led me to nearby Haverford, PA, home to an historic estate originally called Maen Coch (which is Welsh for “Red Stone”). Lucky for me, it was open to the public.

The scenery was breathtaking: flowers in bloom in the trails surrounding the estate, crumbling edifices in various states of decay and reparation, and the sun overhead playing hide-and-seek with a thick layer of clouds. I was so glad I had my camera in tow.

When all is said and done, sometimes “lost” is the best way to be.


“Wordsworth really loved daffodils. He said they were flashers. Certainly they must be the most exhibitionistic flowers there are; trumpeting their presence in yellow—by far the most visible colour.” -Gavin Ewart (1916-1995), from “Sonnet: Daffodils”

6 responses to “Flowers A-Bloomin’ in Haverford, PA”

  1. BEAUTIFUL! Another lovely place to visit:-))))

  2. I was fortunate to capture the early spring bounty.

  3. These are really pretty

  4. Thanks, Katy. It all happens so fast; gotta catch it while you can.

  5. you take the best photos! did you get a new camera or were these taken with the old one?

    1. Thank you, Tanisha.

      Yes, I have a new camera since we saw each other last.

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