A Little Philly, A Lot New York

Since moving to Philadelphia eight months ago, I’ve been snapping photos of the city ad nauseum. In this post, I continue the trend with a few recent photographs of the Betsy Ross House and the Free Library of Philadelphia.

In addition, a recent day trip to New York yielded several interesting photographs, which can be found by scrolling towards the bottom of this post.

A Little Philly

Betsy Ross House.

Colorful newspaper vendors.

And here, a quick message from our sponsors.

Ceiling of the Free Library of Philadelphia’s main branch.

Patchwork on a sculpture in the Free Library of Philadelphia.

Upright chandelier in the same library.

This might as well have been me growing up. Some of my favorite childhood memories took place cradled in the branches of a tree in my grandmother’s backyard, where I would while away the hours reading Baby-sitters Club paperbacks.

My friend Tim also found a few things to photograph in the Free Library of Philadelphia.

A Lot New York

Intersection of Broadway and Canal Streets.

“You betcha,” says this Minnesotan blogger.

Shop window on Broadway.

A hipster mailbox.

Reflections of NYU.

Pizza shop on 3rd Ave.

This positive affirmation was brought to you by The School of Visual Arts.

Interior of Vatan Indian Vegetarian Restaurant on 3rd Avenue, near 28th St. (For the record, the food was amazing.)

Men’s room door at Vatan.

Women’s room door at Vatan.

Interior, Vatan.

Exterior, Vatan.

Everywhere one looked, New York seemed to be gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day.

Urban biking.

The Chrysler Building and surrounding skyscrapers at dusk.

Interior, Grand Central Station. (It is rather grand.)

Optical illusion sculpture near Central Park. (It’s two-dimensional!)

Spring buds blooming in the tree branches above.

A hard-working horse all saddled up to drive passengers along the south end of Central Park.

Holy camera lens, Batman. You’re probably going to need Robin’s assistance holding that thing up.

Random evening shot in Midtown Manhattan.

“Her name was Lola / She was a showgirl / With yellow feathers in her hair, and a dress cut down to there . . . “

Teeming with people, advertisements, and light pollution, Times Square can stimulate the senses to the point of exhaustion.

Maps. I like maps.

This is me reminiscing about what it was like before the era of cell phones.

Another map. (Fabulous!) And a pigeon in a water fountain.


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