Old City

Today, I returned to Old City for the first time in far too long. Here is what I found . . .

“A hipster joint,” according to my hubby. (I’ve never been there.)

Old City: not just a clever name.

Playing “peek-a-boo” with the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Christ Church . . .

. . . is . . .

. . . ever so picturesque.

I like the contrast of the red bricks against a bright blue sky.

A fat, smiling Buddha visible through a shop window.

You see a lot of this in Philly. Not so much in Old City (which is what makes this shot unusual), but in some of the poorer neighborhoods. I believe some would call it “urban blight.”

Decoration on some windowpanes in front of a tequila bar. Pretty!


I uber-saturated this shot using Picasa. Couldn’t resist.

Oh, do you?

Chestnut Street, looking west.

Creepy (but cool) street art.

Yep, that would be a food market.

Reflections of sunset in the window of a brownstone.

The Irish Memorial at the corner of Front and Chestnut Streets was unveiled in 2003 to mark the sesquicentennial of the great potato famine. It was sculpted by Glenna Goodacre, who also sculpted the Vietnam Women’s Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Irish Memorial again.

And again.

And again.

Kinda cool, random shot.

Beautiful architecture abounds in the City of Brotherly Love.

Here is an obligatory vanity shot of the photographer (moi). Fun fact: At 32 years of age, I just sprouted my first wisdom tooth. Either I’m a late bloomer or it took me three-plus decades to finally get wise.

6 responses to “Old City”

  1. Enjoyed the photos very much. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Max. 🙂

  2. Awesome pics. You always seem to know what to capture. Also enjoyed the last photo with you on it ;-)))) Talking about wisdom teeth, I have five of them and that is quite rare according to my dentist

  3. Hey Viviane. Thanks for commenting.

    Five wisdom teeth! Wowsers.

  4. Hee, hee, love the wisdom tooth comment. Really cool pic’s!

  5. Thanks, Katy!

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