A Boy and His Dog

The most beautiful moments in life are like falling leaves: that is, graceful as they flutter to the ground. And — like falling leaves — they remind us of the ephemeral nature of life. Rarely do we have the opportunity to pick those leaves up, press them between two sheets of wax paper, and save them for posterity’s sake.

Recently, I was curled up in bed when one of those “beautiful moments” caught my eye. I tried to enjoy it — sans camera — but with my Nikon only an arm’s length away, I couldn’t resist the temptation but to reach out, snap the shutter, and attempt to preserve this priceless moment in time.

I managed to capture one image, at which point our pooch — wondering what all the fuss was about — moved her head. All that remained was one single, blurred image. (Thank goodness for photo-enhancing software!)

2 responses to “A Boy and His Dog”

  1. i like the story and the photo 🙂

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