A Ghostly Reminder

In October, we set out pumpkins and tell ghost stories. We invite the spirit world to interact with us, the living. And, for one month only, it becomes impossible to ignore how inextricably intertwined death and life truly are.

Today’s youthful beauty is but tomorrow’s faded photograph. Perhaps that photograph tells us the tale of a woman whose spirit still lingers here on earth, her whisper audible to those who will only listen. And, in the weeks leading up to Halloween, we do tend to listen just a bit more carefully than we might at other times of year.

Why is that, I wonder? Although I don’t have the answer, I can relish in the fact that this season lends itself so well to all things paranormal.

In the spirit of the season, I’ve compiled a few images and shared them below. Happy Halloween!

2 responses to “A Ghostly Reminder”

  1. Love the photos G! 🙂 A spooky time of year indeed!

  2. Thanks, Ilona! Glad you like the photos. 🙂

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