Naked Chess

Board game in the nude, anyone? Alright, we have some takers . . . .

The billboard below was spotted on Cherry Street in Philadelphia’s Center City, directly behind the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Art (PAFA) campus. It was created by Philadelphia cutout artist Joe Boruchow, whose works are scattered about in Philadelphia: on brick walls, in tattoo parlors, and in grocery store parking lots, to name a few places. His artwork is at times humorous, often provocative, and always intriguing.

The official title of this work is “A Game of Chess.” According to the artist, the owner of the billboard requested that Boruchow design some artwork for the billboard, which had been sitting unused for some time. Boruchow originally submitted a piece called “Memorial,” (pictured below) which ultimately was not used due to its macabre subject matter.

More of Boruchow’s works can be found on his website. His work is also available for purchase: original cutouts start at $500 and up, smaller prints of less than 36 inches start at $25, and 11×17 posters of his work are free (while supplies last). Check him out! I’ve posted a few images from his website to further whet your appetite.

Images courtesy of Joe Boruchow.
© 2009-13 Joe Boruchow, Philadelphia cutout artist.
All rights reserved.


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  2. I absolutely love how you “see” the city of Philadelphia and bring such a fresh, fun perspective to things that we “old-timer” residents like myself just tend to gloss over. Enjoying reading your blog lots, Gina!

  3. Thank you for your encouraging comment, Patricia. I feel so fortunate to have “landed” here in Philadelphia. Plus, the longer I live here, the more I fully appreciate the region’s vibrant arts scene.

    I’m enjoying your blog, as well! Keep up the amazing work. 🙂

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