Mix and Match Images

For the record, only one of the images you see below is mine. The lady on the left is a Post-Impressionist painting called “The Corn Poppy” by Kees Van Dongen, located at the Houston Museum of Art. The image in the middle is something I pulled anonymously from the internet. The image on the right is a painting I recently completed, which I call “Bukowski,” after American author Charles Bukowski. These three images were located side by side in a photo folder on my computer. I liked the way they looked together, so I fastened them together digitally. Voila!Collage - Copy

4 responses to “Mix and Match Images”

  1. That is unreal, how the two items from the left must have subliminally influenced the color choices and shapes used in your painting. Could be coincidence? But the red oval hat in the piece on the left is reiterated in the bright red abstract oval of your painting. The blues in the skellie pic are nearly the same blue (but not as vibrant as yours) found also in your piece. Very cool, Gina Marie!

    1. Hi Patricia! Thanks for your comment. The similarities are weird and (to my best understanding) pure coincidence. Only upon digging through some computer files the other day did I notice how the images seemed to fit together almost like puzzle pieces. I think there’s a story in here somewhere . . . or maybe a poem. 🙂

  2. Beautiful images, I especially like the skeleton on the computer right next to the television one….seems very fitting.

  3. It’s interesting that you drew that connection, Ilona! I didn’t notice until you mentioned it. That’s what’s so fun about reading different people’s perspectives on a given image; everyone has their own unique way of seeing.

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