Boston Gallery

A weekend trip to Boston — six hours from Philly by car in free-flowing traffic — yielded the following images.

4 responses to “Boston Gallery”

  1. You and your camera have such a way w/capturing all the great city-scapes on the Nottheast, Gina! I love Boston – have visited at least three-four times. 🙂

    1. *Blushing.* Haha, thanks! It’s kind of funny that it took a 6-hour drive in order for me to pick up my camera again. I’m working full-time outside the home now and finding it difficult to stay inspired.

      I heart Boston. Lived there between 2003 and 2005. One of my best friends still lives there, as well. Amazing city.

  2. You always are able to make others discover a city through your eyes. You notice so many details I would never even know were there if it weren’t for your pictures!! That is what I call talent:-)

  3. Thank you, Viviane. You’re too kind!

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