A Day Spent in Philadelphia Is Never a Day Wasted

With its confluence of art, history, and architecture, the city of Philadelphia is a visual feast. Following are a few snapshots captured in Center City, Philadelphia, throughout the course of an early September afternoon/evening.

Little Boy in a Big City
Little Boy in a Big City

Liberty Bell
Liberty Bell

Doorway in Elfreth’s Alley (Oldest Street in the Nation)
Doorway in Elfreth's Alley

Life Size Chess Piece As Public Art
Life Size Chess Piece Near City Hall

Love’s Park Plaza
Loves Park

Twin Cranes Near Reading Terminal

The Marquee for Reading Terminal, A Year Round Indoor Farmers’ Market
Reading Terminal Sign

Construction in Olde City
Olde City Construction

The Clock Tower Above City Hall
Clock Tower At City Hall

One of the City’s Many Historic Red Brick Buildings

Mural by Moonlight
Mural Under Moonlight

Mural Viewed from a Rooftop Parking Lot
Mural As Viewed From Rooftop Parking Lot

Selfie in the Parking Lot’s Pay Kiosk
Security Cam Shot

2 responses to “A Day Spent in Philadelphia Is Never a Day Wasted”

  1. Magnificent shots – all of them, Gina. That is probably the best pic of the ‘Love’ sculpture I’ve ever seen! (Same for the top of City Hall.) I always appreciate seeing the unscaffolded version of this; as a child, it seemed the clock top was covered in scaffolding and eternally being repaired. Really great to see you capture it in all its history and beauty!

  2. Thanks, Patricia! My zoom lens came in handy with capturing the clock tower of City Hall. You bring a unique perspective re: the clock tower having gone incognito for so many years during your childhood. It’s truly one of the city’s gems, and I’m glad to live in Philadelphia during a time when it’s on display for all to see. I have yet to see the interior of City Hall, but it’s on my bucket list.

    Have a great week!

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