A Long Day in Long Branch

About a month ago, my husband took a job on the Jersey Shore, in a quaint little beach town called Long Branch. We are living two separate lives: me living and working in Philly with the dog as my at-home companion, him living and working in New Jersey with the cat as his housemate. With 80 miles between us, we only see each other on weekends. This weekend, it was my turn to visit. I clocked six miles strolling the beach and local streets, and captured the following photos.


2 responses to “A Long Day in Long Branch”

  1. I was wondering why you had all these cool NJ beach pics around lately! Lovely photos, Gina, and what a fantastic time of year to spend weekend(s) at the shore! Is this looking to be a temp move or permanent eventually? We found that as much as I wanted to stay PA-side – the job market is always stronger in Jersey and it’ll pull one or both of you in, eventually 😉 I’m enjoying this thread lots, as I’ve not been specifically to Long Branch but have visited neighboring beaches. It’s quite lovely there, as your photos show us!

    1. Well, now you know! Yeah, I’ve been a little hush-hush about the whole thing. We have two apartments at the moment, and that’s too many. NJ may win us over, after all. 😉 I’m happy with my job in Hatboro, so I’d be heartbroken to leave, but . . . it’s good to hear that the job market is strong in Jersey! Hope your summer is off to an awesome start, Patricia, and that you and Brian are getting good use out of that Big Green Egg. (Jealous!)

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