A New Addition

Josie found us in November. We brought her home on All Saints’ Day, or Day of the Dead. Six months later, she’s one of the family. Here she is pictured soaking up sunshine on her favorite ottoman.

6 responses to “A New Addition”

  1. She’s beautiful and I love that you found her

    1. 🙂 And so soft! A furry angel, of sorts.

  2. She and Merlin would make super cute Kittens

  3. I agree. Too bad she’s fixed!

  4. Oh Gina, you know I just adore her! Such gorgeous coloring Josie has too. My girl kitty Indie is already soo jealous that there is another cat out there that’s as pretty or prettier than her! 🙂 Lovely photo you’ve taken of her!!

  5. Thanks, Patricia. I love the name Indie for a cat!