When The Dead Speak

You find an old box of slides, untouched for years, containing images of loved ones long gone from the earthly plane.

Get very quiet and you might hear them say:
Come out and play . . . we’ll meet you halfway.

DSC_0261 Images are of my father, grandmother, and uncle, plus an unknown girl in the uppermost image. Originally captured in the 1960s and printed as slides, I used a Nikon to zoom into these images, thus converting them into digital format . . . and just in time for Father’s Day! Such a sweet meeting between the earthly plane and the great beyond. 😉

4 responses to “When The Dead Speak”

  1. these gems couldn’t have fallen into better hands! don’t you just love them? i love the era, the red pockets, red bike, and red wall. So cool

    1. Thanks, Angie! Yes, it was a pleasant surprise to come across them — a portal into a different era. The red bike is awesome! My uncle Victor looks pleased. 😊🚲

  2. Just amazing Gina 🙏💖 that is uber creative of you, I never would have thought one would be able to get this clear of pics off of slides. Definitely a message from beyond 😉 Thanks for sharing!!! Much love!!!

    1. Thanks, Ilona! 🙂

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