Beachy Morning on the Shore

Life is just beachy.

As of this week, I’ve lived on the Jersey Shore for precisely one year . . . and when I say “on the shore,” I mean we are literally steps away from the beach. The curious thing is, I’ve only brought my good camera out there two or three times! I generally just bring my camera phone because it’s easier. To be fair, I have caught some great photos that way, as well. However, there’s nothing quite like a DSL-R when it comes to capturing quality photographic images.

Today makes the fourth time in a year that I’ve brought my Nikon out to greet the ocean.

The following pictures were captured around 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning. With temps already well into the seventies and nary a cloud in the sky, it’s no wonder the place was hopping! I saw seagulls, surfers, yogis, and bikers all partaking in the bright summer sunshine. What a glorious day!

For the coming week, my goal is to make it outside in time for the sunrise — no small feat considering how early the sun rises: around 5 a.m. at this time of year. Wish me luck . . . and be well, my friends!

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