Technicolor Staycation

As of today (Thursday) I’ve had one week off: no work, limited responsibility, and beautiful weather here on the shore. And my “staycation” is not over yet! I have three days left before a month-long trip to Minneapolis, wherein I’ll be participating in an intensive yoga teacher training. This trip will be the capstone of a year full of personal transformation on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

For me, the theme of the past 365 days has been “making peace with the past in order to more thoroughly enjoy the present.” This has included professional growth, daily yoga, meditation, and mindful living, plus a complete purge of Facebook. I had struggled with that website for years, and I find that I am much happier without it.

I still take photos on a regular basis. Usually, it’s with my camera phone for reasons of convenience. However, the photos I’m sharing with you today were all captured on a Nikon. A few of them were edited using Picasa (you’ll know which ones on account of the bright neon effects).

That’s all for now! May you have a peaceful day.

2 responses to “Technicolor Staycation”

  1. Can’t wait to see you dear. Safe travels! Love the last one – hahahaha

    1. SOOO excited . . . but trying to stay present, haha. I sure will miss Baby G. As you can see, she’s still a charmer–even in her sleep! Love you. 😘

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