My Umpteenth New York Visit

Before we delve into the New York pics, let’s start with this: “Always maintain only a joyful mind.” This is one of the 59 Lojong slogans taught to students on a path of meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. These slogans are traditionally used to help meditation students tame the mind. Even in the face of distractions and suffering, the idea here is to maintain a sense of joy that you are on a path of awakening. That being said, when you see the following sign painted on a car parked in front of your apartment building, you don’t fret at the spookiness of the image, even as a recovering bulimic working one day at a time to avoid relapse. That being said, you just whip out your Nikon and take a picture. Everything is the path. Love and light in the face of darkness.
Immediately after snapping a picture of this unusual car art, I trekked into the city — a 90-minute commute from my current residence on the Jersey Shore. I toted my good camera with me, even though this visit was not for pleasure, per se. I had important business to conduct: the business of recovery. In New York City, there were various resources available which were difficult to access in uber-suburban Monmouth County, New Jersey. So off I went, in search of serenity. Here was what I saw along the way:

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  1. Eindrucksvolle faszinierende Aufnahmen von New York! Ernst

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