Spooky Photography

It’s official. Jeff and I will soon be New York transplants, as he recently took a job in Brooklyn. We began the apartment search last Sunday.

On our drive to the first apartment viewing, we passed this curious-looking dwelling. I snapped a photo and upon returning home, noticed I captured but not one but two orbs in the photo, one at each window. Coincidence, flare effect, or evidence of spiritual activity? You decide.



5 responses to “Spooky Photography”

  1. Oh, that is cool. Right at the window no less. On another note, good luck with your search. You will love NY!

    1. Thanks, Katy. We’ll need it! ❤

  2. Ein düsteres Haus – wahrscheinlich spirituell angehaucht 😉 😀

    1. It’s very possible! Interesting, nevertheless. 🙂

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