Falling Towards New York

“Gravity is an interaction. The Earth pulls on you, you pull on the Earth. You fall to the Earth, the Earth falls to you.” (Found at: http://srjcstaff.santarosa.edu/~lwillia2/p10/p10ch4.pdf)

For 16 years, since my darling BFF Katy and I first visited New York together in August 2001 as a post-college-graduation-treat, I have fallen towards New York. According to the above logic, she must have been falling towards me, too. From time to time, while living in Boston in my early 20’s, I would visit New York on weekends. Observing my frequent trips to the Big Apple, my friend Tatjana observed, “You sure seem to like visiting New York. Did you used to live there or something?”

I told her with a far-off look in my eyes, “No, but I feel like I will someday.”

How was I to know that, some dozen years later, that wistful comment would come to fruition?

Shortly thereafter, I moved home to the Midwest. My only interaction with New York was observing photo blogs of the city. My favorite was ispynyc.wordpress.com.

When I married a fella who worked in hotel management and his work brought us back to the East Coast, almost the very first thing I did was pack up the car and head north to the city, canine in tow. Countless New York visits were to follow. I circled closer and closer towards New York, seeping up her energy like a sponge and drawing inspiration each time I did.

Curiously, in the year 2016 I didn’t make a single visit to New York. Not a one. Perhaps I had to take a little time to find myself. What can I say? “We were on a break!”

Once 2017 rolled around, the New York visits were back in full force, some of them evidenced by my last few blog posts. New York and I were falling towards each other madly. And then, last Saturday, we took our relationship to the next level. Along with my husband Jeff (which makes this a menage a trois, perhaps?), I signed a lease binding me to an apartment in Brooklyn for the next year.

I keep falling towards her: beautiful, beautiful New York, New York.

We had our first official lunch in our new neighborhood at a table seated directly underneath this image. I found it to be auspicious.

A slightly creepy mural of Muhammad Ali. Still, creepy public art is better than no public art.
We had a cup of joe at this corner coffee shop not far from our new place in Clinton Hill.
Graffiti school bus.
Colorful mural in Clinton Hill.
Little girl with her daddies.
That Skip, always up to something.
Biggie said it best . . .
Good luck jewelry — I could use some of that.
Public art in Manhattan, not far from Little Italy.

4 responses to “Falling Towards New York”

  1. Looks like NY ❤️s you

  2. Grossartige Bilder von New York, ich bin gerne mitgewandert!!!
    Herzlichen Dank für zeigen. Ernst

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