Sixteen photos inspired by Philly Photo Day.
Kelly Drive
Biker along Kelly Drive

East Coast Boxer
East Coast Boxer

Midvale Ave
Midvale Avenue

Vain Futility
Vain Futility

Baby Girl
Baby Girl the Boxer

In Search of In Riva
A woman searching for In Riva Restaurant. (I know this because shortly after I snapped this photo, she turned around and asked me if I knew where it was located.)

John the Gardener
John, the landscaper at St. Bridget’s Catholic Church

Doorway to a mausoleum at Laurel Hill Cemetery

Autumn Afternoon
Autumn afternoon on Allegheny Avenue. (Has a nice ring to it, no?)

Under the Highway Overpass
Under the Route 1 Overpass

East Falls Mary
East Falls Mary

Ridge Ave at Indian Queen Ln
Ridge Avenue at Indian Queen Lane

Mother and Twins
Mother and Twins Sculpture in Laurel Hill Cemetery

Welcome to area code 215

Shoes on a Wire
Shoes hanging from a wire. This apparently means something.

Yoga Center
Yoga Center on Ridge Avenue

6 responses to “Shutter-Happy”

  1. Love the boxer. I have one of my own. Such a gentle giant.

    1. Boxers are the best of beasts. 😉 Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. What a great day to venture out and capture such lovely shots. You always do a wonderful job Gina. I love them all!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Viviane! It was a gorgeous day out today.

  3. Gina, these fantastic photos show you being the goddess that you are! I enjoyed all of them immensely! Happy Phillyphotoday13 to you!

  4. Hi Patricia, thanks for the drop-by and comment! Goddess? Nah, I’m just some chick with a cool camera who happens to be living in an *incredible* city. I’m always amply rewarded when I take the time to stop and appreciate it. 😉 Happy weekend! xo

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