A Storm of Herculean Proportions

Ah, the post-holiday afterglow:  Chrismas lights still adorn houses, the air is cool, presents have long been unwrapped, and New Year’s toasts have all been exchanged. It’s time for a fresh start and, apparently, a fresh snowfall. (Thank you, Winter Storm Hercules.)
I’m a Minnesotan by birth, so I should be used to this. Still, even I–who have lived in Philadelphia going on three years–was surprised by the intensity of last night’s storm. I attempted to capture it from my cozy indoor perch, but even my new zoom lens couldn’t do it justice. Suffice to say, the storm was roarin’ and gusts of wind were blowin’ wildly to and fro, as if Mother Nature was flexing her well-defined pectoral muscles.
This morning, I spent twenty minutes digging out my car from the dense blanket of snow that had all but buried it.
Next came the commute to work. Luckily, I had a half-day on account of the storm, which meant I didn’t have to be on the road till noon, thus avoiding heavy traffic congestion.
The temps stayed below twenty today which–for Philly–is downright frigid. On my commute home, a sliver of a moon was visible above the treetops in the nighttime sky.
A bar on the corner of Willow Grove Avenue and Limekiln Pike still boasted a marquee alerting patrons that it would be open for the holidays. This image made me feel sad, thinking about what it must be like to spend one’s holidays (presumably alone) in a dingy tavern.
I bonked my head whilst capturing this shot when my heavy Nikon slapped against my forehead. Serves me right for attempting to capture photos while driving! Still, I think the bruise was worth it in the end; this picture turned out alright. (Still, don’t try this at home).
Goodnight, bare trees. Goodnight, winter sky. Thanks for the memories, fearsome Hercules.


4 responses to “A Storm of Herculean Proportions”

  1. I LOVE your photos, Gina! You’ve really captured the essence of this “Herculean” storm today! Stay warm!

  2. Thanks, Patricia. It felt good to whip out the trusty camera again. (It had been a few weeks!) Hope you’re keeping warm, as well.

  3. Wow, beautiful shots Gina! Awwww, sorry to hear about the bonking of the head, but it sure did provide a beautiful picture 😉 In Portland, if we got that much snow, it would be a full day off, no “half-day” mumbo jumbo, hahaha.

  4. Thanks, Ilona! The bruise has since healed.

    Most people here in Philly got a full day off, as well. My new place of employment is just super hard core. 😉

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